Muscle fever: A positive sign after exercise!

Muscle fever A.K.A Delayed onset muscle soreness (D.O.M.S) is a response of the muscle to an unaccustomed exercise. Sometimes it is mistaken as a muscle strain. D.O.M.S happens due to temporary inflammation or damage to muscle fibres when it is loaded. The muscle soreness starts a day after your workout and usually peaks at 48Continue reading “Muscle fever: A positive sign after exercise!”

Prehab : A plan to improve your surgical outcomes !

Rehabilitation is an integral part of the course of treatment following surgery. But did you ever consider a prehabilitation before surgery?Prehabilitation a.k.a prehab simply implies physical therapy before undergoing surgery.Why do I need to go for physical therapy if a surgery is anyway scheduled and rehab is planned later?So, here is a scenario, you getContinue reading “Prehab : A plan to improve your surgical outcomes !”

Telehealth: a new revolution.

      Covid-19 has changed our perception of everything.  A new revolution is happening in healthcare: Telehealth. So what is a Telehealth? Telehealth is a live one on one call with your healthcare provider via telephone or a video call. As the clinics closed and elective surgeries got postponed the whole patient care systemContinue reading “Telehealth: a new revolution.”

Gym or Group Fitness-What’s the best for you?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to fitness. From gym memberships, to group fitness, to in-home personal training — making it difficult to choose what best for you. Here’s a list if Pros & Cons to make choosing how you get fit a little easier. Group Fitness👫👬👭 ✅Pros: 👍More MotivationContinue reading “Gym or Group Fitness-What’s the best for you?”

Ways to Ease a Muscle Cramp

Cramps are unpleasant, often painful sensations caused by muscle contraction or over shortening. Common causes of skeletal muscle cramps is- Muscle fatigue Cold Temperatures Not enough Warm up before exercising or playing a sport Dehydration Electrolyte imbalance Ways to relax your Muscles & avoid Cramping: Hydrate Yourself- Dehydration is one of the biggest culprits of muscleContinue reading “Ways to Ease a Muscle Cramp”

Exercises to Conceive Better

Antenatal exercises is now a days talk of the town, but very few people promote the importance of fitness before the conception.The fitness levels before you conceive will determine the outcome of the pregnancy and also the exercises which you can continue throughout the pregnancy. Working out before you plan for a baby will help youContinue reading “Exercises to Conceive Better”

Scoliosis- Rehabilitation

Because the skeletons of children & young adults grow quickly, there is a reasonable chance that if a curve is detected, the degree of the spinal curve may worsen as the spine continues to grow. In those cases, scoliosis treatment is advisable. Rehabilitation Non-surgical Rehabilitation Bracing: Two braces used most often for this condition areContinue reading “Scoliosis- Rehabilitation”

Scoliosis- An Overview

Scoliosis is not a disease, but rather it is a deformity in the spine that causes an abnormal C-shaped (one curve) or S-shaped curvature (two curves). Depending on when it develops, there are 3 types of scoliosis: Infantile– Birth-3 years of age Juvenile- 4-9 years of age Adolescent– 10 years-when growth is complete Adults can haveContinue reading “Scoliosis- An Overview”

Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip replacement is a surgical procedure of removing the diseased the femur head and neck and replacing it with an artificial prosthesis. Usually the patients considered for the total hip replacements are: Young patient Osteoarthritis of hip joint Rheumatoid arthritis Avascular necrosis Septicemia There is a progressive increase in chronic pain and difficulty inContinue reading “Total Hip Replacement”