Telehealth: a new revolution.

      Covid-19 has changed our perception of everything.  A new revolution is happening in healthcare: Telehealth. So what is a Telehealth? Telehealth is a live one on one call with your healthcare provider via telephone or a video call. As the clinics closed and elective surgeries got postponed the whole patient care systemContinue reading “Telehealth: a new revolution.”

Trigger finger: What to do?

Have you ever experienced a snapping in one of the fingers, difficulty in quickly opening the fist or you have to manually open the fingers to extend them? The reason may be a Trigger finger. Our fingers can move freely due to a pulley system that runs along with each digit of our hand. When thereContinue reading “Trigger finger: What to do?”

Ergonomics While Driving

Driving can mean different for different people. It may be a way of leisure for some or as an everyday activity to commute to office using their car or as an occupation to drive those heavy duty vehicles on highways for transport. Be it any reason, driving for long time has always accompanied with some orContinue reading “Ergonomics While Driving”

Ergonomics in Pregnancy

With many women working today, it is important to understand how pregnancy can affect workplace safety. Pregnancy alters the body’s shape & thus, the interaction with the worksite. The abdomen becomes increasingly larger, causing progressive postural problems, backache, & impairment of dexterity, agility, coordination & balance. Hormonal changes affect the ligaments, increasing the likelihood ofContinue reading “Ergonomics in Pregnancy”

Kitchen Ergonomics

Bend…Stretch…Twist…Turn…Duck…Reach… This is you, making dinner. The kitchen is typically the most used room in any house. And an efficient kitchen is typically a key point in having a happy life. If you do not believe me, try living with a poorly laid out kitchen and watch your quality of life plummet. How to makeContinue reading “Kitchen Ergonomics”

Which is the Posture Right for me?

Is your posture RIGHT?We have always been told to sit upright, keep our shoulders back & much more…to have good posture.Our bodies have been subjected to varied stresses- long hours of sitting, backpack, carrying weights (hand bags, laptops, briefcases) on single shoulders, varied work related postures are some of them.It’s easy to say use good/correctContinue reading “Which is the Posture Right for me?”

Electronic Ergonomics

The proliferation and use of PDAs & touchscreen smartphones, and the significant increase in time spent at computer keyboards or engaging in video gaming has created a whole new generation of people of all ages experiencing RSI(Repetitive Stress Injury). More and more, people are depending on these devices to stay in touch with friends andContinue reading “Electronic Ergonomics”

Backpack Safety

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree” Posture in which the natural curves of the spine are maintained is considered good posture. Every single movement, from sitting at our desks, driving a vehicle, standing for long hours to even how we sleep-affects our back. There is a widely held belief that repeated carryingContinue reading “Backpack Safety”

Workspace Design & Ergonomics

We spend a lot of time sitting at our desks every day, and while it may not look like it, it can wreak havoc with our bodies. Some of you may not realize how unfriendly your workspace is to your body, while many of you have already started experiencing aches & pains from an improperlyContinue reading “Workspace Design & Ergonomics”

Living Active at 60+

“What is Age?”   “Just a number!” It doesn’t matter whether you are 17 or seventy, if you decide to be happy, healthy and enjoy life! Bright examples of the likes of Pandit Ravishankar who, at the grand old age of 90 is still playing his Sitar so magnificently that his concerts are drawing capacityContinue reading “Living Active at 60+”