Exercises to Conceive Better

Antenatal exercises is now a days talk of the town, but very few people promote the importance of fitness before the conception.The fitness levels before you conceive will determine the outcome of the pregnancy and also the exercises which you can continue throughout the pregnancy. Working out before you plan for a baby will help youContinue reading “Exercises to Conceive Better”

Exercise and Osteoporosis

Welcome Back!!As we have discussed in the previous blog about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of osteoporosis. Lets look into the Preventive part of this silent disease. EXERCISE BENEFITS1) Weight bearing exercises regularly help to avoid damaging effects.2) Aerobics, dancing, waking, stair limbing or any activity that uses gravity to place weight on bones willContinue reading “Exercise and Osteoporosis”

Towards a Healthy Menopause…

Menopause marks the opening of the new chapter in women’s life. It is the time when women stops having menstruation.Menopause can be divided into following phases:Perimenopause: Its the transition years when the hormonal levels start depleting and women experiences changes at the physical and emotional levels.Premenopause: These are the years leading up to the lastContinue reading “Towards a Healthy Menopause…”

Exercising During Menses

Exercising during periods (menses) might not be a great idea for most of us. One would rather stay in bed and take rest as long as this agonizing discomfort is relieved. While many fear and beliefs regarding menses have changed over years, exercise is a better option to cope up  with those days of the month. Exercising 30 minutesContinue reading “Exercising During Menses”