Exercises to Conceive Better

Antenatal exercises is now a days talk of the town, but very few people promote the importance of fitness before the conception.The fitness levels before you conceive will determine the outcome of the pregnancy and also the exercises which you can continue throughout the pregnancy. Working out before you plan for a baby will help youContinue reading “Exercises to Conceive Better”

Psoas: ‘The’ Core Muscle

This mighty muscle, lying at the very core of your physical body, has a profound influence upon our well-being. The psoas is the most important muscle in the body for 3 reasons: It brought us up to stand. The lumbar curve was created when we came to stand upright by the psoas. The walking muscle.  ItContinue reading “Psoas: ‘The’ Core Muscle”

Core Muscles of Neck and Exercises

Everyone talks about strengthening of “CORE MUSCLES” to prevent back pain but, we rarely hear or talk about the core muscles of neck.Research shows that 70% people experience neck pain at some point in their life.The cause of injury may range from accident to use of wrong pillow causing strain in their neck. Any injury has shownContinue reading “Core Muscles of Neck and Exercises”