Ergonomics in Pregnancy

With many women working today, it is important to understand how pregnancy can affect workplace safety. Pregnancy alters the body’s shape & thus, the interaction with the worksite. The abdomen becomes increasingly larger, causing progressive postural problems, backache, & impairment of dexterity, agility, coordination & balance. Hormonal changes affect the ligaments, increasing the likelihood ofContinue reading “Ergonomics in Pregnancy”

How to be comfortable in Labour

The anxiety of pregnancy followed by painful childbirth dogs most women. However, following a few easy steps and making adequate preparations can significantly make labour easy.Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest factors that contributes to pain. Throughout labour, the woman, if not aware, will be anxious whether the developments in her bodyContinue reading “How to be comfortable in Labour”

Exercise Benefits in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life altering change in any woman’s life. The 9 months of pregnancy transforms a woman into a mother, changing her forever! The 1st Trimester (1-3 Months) are of Adjustment to the fact that life is growing inside her. She will go through physical & emotional changes. Hormonal changes, morning sickness, backache, fatigueContinue reading “Exercise Benefits in Pregnancy”