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We at Fitnesspedia endeavor to share our thoughts & knowledge on topics & conditions-

  • which can be prevented , maintained or corrected by exercise, as well as
  • discussions on current concepts & recent advances in rehabilitation, injury prevention & performance enhancement

We have tried to put forth topics in a concise & focussed manner which can be helpful to the medical personnel as well as individuals from the non-medico background.

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About Authors:

Dr. Anuja Luniya(PT), is a certified Physiotherapist with a Fellowship in Orthopedics, practicing in Mumbai, IndiaAlong with her private practice she runs a Functional Fitness Physiotherapy Club- “Stepping On” for senior citizens & conducts seminars & workshops on Antenatal-Postnatal Care & Ergonomics for varied lifestyles.

Dr. Neeraja Suryawanshi(PT), is a certified Physiotherapist  specialized in Cardio-pulmonary disorders.Currently Licensed physical therapist in New York state. Previously was associated with Fortis Hospitals Bangalore.

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