Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

One of our members asked how to maintain the weight loss achieved. To understand this, you should first know which type of weight loss you do you want.

There is a big difference between losing weight & losing fat. When you lose weight, you lose a little bit of everything–fat, muscle, fluids, organ size.😱 You want the majority of your weight loss to come from fat, not the other stuff.✅ If you are only concerned with seeing a smaller number on the scale, you may be losing valuable muscle instead, which will result in long-term weight–meaning fat–gain.😕

One of the quickest weight loss tricks that has nothing to do with fat loss is from being dehydrated.💦 Don’t fool yourself into thinking those pounds are really gone. You still have just as much fat on your body as before.
Ladies! Don’t try to lose weight simply by performing only cardio, like 🏃treadmill, 🚲cycling, 🚶walking, 💃aerobics. The pounds you lose through cardio will come right back if you stop the cardio, without muscle mass to keep the weight off.

When you want to maintain the lost weight, fat loss is the way to
go.👍 The way to lose just fat is by adding strength training into your fitness program. When you add muscle, you improve the body fat composition ratio, which is the main goal.✅👌

Losing weight other than fat is unavoidable, but the loss of muscle mass, causes a rebound effect that leads to weight gain. Muscle is metabolically active & keep your metabolism brisk & burning calories. Even when you’re sitting on the couch, you burn more calories if you have more muscle mass. So losing muscle means your metabolism gets sluggish & the weight keeps on coming.

Losing weight can leave you looking like a smaller version of a fat person because you have no muscle tone underneath your skin. To look like a fit, healthy person, losing fat & having muscle is absolutely necessary.😃
💪Hit the weights. If you don’t know what you’re doing, get some help because it’s important to do strength training properly to avoid muscle & joint injuries.👌

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