Ergonomic Handbags

In our last post we spoke about The Handbag Syndrome. Now lets talk about ergonomic handbags.Distressed_Nylon2010

The scientific technology behind ergonomic purses is that their design is such that it distributes the centre of gravity thereby reducing the stress on the back, shoulder and neck muscles.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Handbag?

This applies to ergonomic laptop bags as well.

Choose a handbag that is proportionate to your body size (this rule applies in elegance and fashion as well!).

  1. Preferably, choose a lightweight bag to best minimize the weight you are carrying around.
  2. Don’t purchase a big bag, you’ll only be tempted to fill it.
  3. Alternate shoulders by switching the bag from side to side.
  4. Do not slump your shoulders when you are carrying your bag on your shoulder. It adds to the strain.
  5. Don’t let your bag cause you to lean to one side.
  6. Your ergonomic shoulder bag should not interfere with your motion.
  7. Use a bag with padded straps to help distribute the weight and pressure across your shoulder
  8. Go for wider straps.
  9. Reduce the load you carry around by constantly ‘editing’ your wallet, purse or bag. Carry only the bare essentials.
  10. If you must carry an item, try to get the travel size option.
  11. If you can, try to carry smaller bags.
  12. Pick the bag that allows you to alternate carrying on your shoulder, around your wrists or by using its handles.
  13. Leave your loyalty cards in your glove comparment of your car or a ‘shopping’ bag (bag that you use when you go shopping)
  14. If you cannot seem to reduce the weight of your bag to about 6 lbs (3 kg) or less, consider a backpack. A backpag is more of an ergonomic bag since it distributes the weight between your shoulders

Ergonomic Backpacks

  • “Backpacks” are excellent ergonomic bags and are appropriate for people suffering from back or neck pain.
  • Backpacks also have various pockets for you to be able to segregate and arrange your items accordingly and get the total weight distributed evenly.
  • They come with thick padded shoulder straps that don’t unnecessarily compress your skin and are comfortable on the shoulders too.
  • You may carry them across the back or on both shoulders and move about comfortably thanks to the ergonomic design.

Ergonomic Sling Bags

Another option for ergonomic purses is “Sling backs”.

  • They have a teardrop structure that tend to take the weight of the back away from the neck and shoulder and evenly spreads out the weight on the back making them extremely comfortable to carry.
  • The added thick and padded shoulder strap makes it easier for carrying without straining yourself.
  • Use it for any purpose, as a gym bag, for college, for shopping or any other purpose, their design is such that they look smart with any outfit and suit all ages too along with being gentle on your back.

Ergonomic Clutches

If you are not into backpacks and feel it would look inappropriate with your dress or for the occasion go in for smaller compact purses.

  • Firstly, since they are smaller in size you will have to cut down on the things you put in it that would automatically make it light weight.
  • “Clutches” are a perfect example for compact small ergonomic purses.
  • They are stylish and chic and would fit in your palm and cause no strain what-so-ever to your back.

Keep a number of them to befit the occasion and keep only the essentials you need for that time in them.

Other Ergonomic Handbags

Alternatively, you may take “small bags with small handles” that cannot be hung on the shoulder. These too can be carried along without any straining your spine. Even if you are carrying a “tote bag” with a long strap, ideally you should put the strap diagonally across the chest for distributing the weight. Alternating between the shoulders on which you carry the purse would also help a great deal.


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