Scoliosis- Contraindications in Exercise

In continuation of our discussion on Scoliosis..

Your doctor can give you a more specific recommendation based on your specific condition, but there are a few things that people with scoliosis should avoid, or at least be wary of.

  • Poor Form: It is important to learn proper form as it allows you to keep an upright posture. Poor form can lead to unbalanced muscles, nerve damage, & can increase your back pain. When you work out work in front of a mirror & strive to maintain level shoulders & hips. Keep your head in line with your neck, & always look straight ahead.
  • High Impact: High impact exercise isn’t good for anyone’s joints. Opt for low- or no-impact exercises like swimming or cycling instead of running or plyometrics.
  • Collision Sports: Collision sports like football, boxing & wrestling can cause damage to your spine. Scoliosis means your spine is already curved — severe impact from any angle can cause tremendous pressure on your vertebrae. It won’t make the curve worse, but it can cause tiny fractures that can weaken the spine over time.
  • Torque Sports: Torque sports involve spinal twisting. It’s a tricky situation, because a gentle spinal rotation that stops within your pain threshold, like a yoga seated spinal stretch, can actually be a good way to relieve back pain. But sports like gymnastics & martial arts that require fast, high-powered spinal rotation can easily force you beyond your comfort zone & end up causing you more pain in the long run. It won’t make your scoliosis worse, but there’s very seldom an opportunity to stop when it hurts or favor a particular side — the rotation is usually part of the mechanics of the stunt, and failing to rotate properly can cause an unsafe landing that definitely could damage your spine.

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