Pilates for Senior Citizens- Why?

Good Posture: head over shoulders, over hips, over knees, over ankles.

Pilates for senior citizens works wonders as it is low impact compared to other forms of exercise. It’s not as severe on the joints as other types of exercise workouts.

Pilates focusses on breathing & quality-controlled movements, not repetitions.
How Pilates Works?
“Pilates stretches muscles that are tight & strengthens those that are weak to help realign your body to its natural form.”
  • Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind & elevates the spirit.
  • Pilates is unique. It systematically exercises all the muscle groups in the body, the weak as well as the strong.
  • The exercises make you stronger, flexible, & less likely to fall because they re-educate your body to use all of your muscles, not just the superficial ones.
  • By strengthening both your large muscles & the deep, smaller endurance muscles that are responsible for your strength, they take the strain off the larger muscles & give them added support.
  • Concentration & correct breathing are added to exercise for the older adult that can teach you to recruit the smaller, supportive muscles.

With Pilates exercise for senior citizens the center of your body needs to be your focus (core).

This is the place from which all movement begins & proceeds to the extremities- the whole body working together.

Every movement and exercise for seniors, especially walking, should be started by first contracting the core of the body.

Bottom line: less pain, greater range of motion, and fewer falls.

DISCLAIMER: Always talk to your health care provider before starting an exercise program.


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